Live Music is a Power-up

On Saturday I went to a gig nearby. It was a relatively small show, with a few local bands, and an audience of about 50 people.

Before I headed out, I nearly didn’t go, it was a cold night & there’s always the option of staying warm at home.

But I’m so glad I went: I got a powerful blast of live music, which moved me & gave me a big smile on my face.  

The Sparrowhawk Orkestrel
The Sparrowhawk Orkestrel

I had a similar experience the weekend before: different bands, different venue, same feeling of re-enlivening from the power of the music.

This weekend I’m heading to see an orchestra at the biggest hall in the city, it’s certain to be a powerful performance.

And the Friday after, I’m singing at a tiny local pub, it will be the most personal show of the lot: pouring out my own songs to a listening audience.
It’s a rare thing, four weekends of live music after a month of not going out – but it’s got me thinking that live music really does recharge, it’s a power-up for other parts of my life.

And how delighted I am to learn about using music in everyday work to help people in their everyday life…


What, no speech? How about music instead?

Imagine you can’t talk, you have no words to say, you don’t know if you could say them even if you were able.

But you can hear, you can feel, you can make sense of a happy tune, you can tap a rhythm and hear it echoed back to you.

In this way, you can communicate, you can influence someone else, and respond to them as they respond to you.

You can be loud and angry, or quiet and gentle, whatever you feel at that moment.  And then you can travel on a journey of sound as you play together, rising and falling in melody and tempo.