Music therapy, what’s that?

(Back to Blog after summer break – none for months, then two posts in a day!)

As I begin second year of university training in music therapy, I often find myself explaining the subject to people I meet – it still seems to be a little-known field… here are snippets from conversations:

it’s like using music as a tool to help people

it helps folk connect in different ways

music can communicate more than talking

I suppose it’s easier to understand the music part of the equation, compared with the therapy part.  The theory behind the practice and the clinical approach have been big things to learn for me – and it’s great to have music as a vehicle for the work.

Reading more around the subject, and re-reading books I’d previously read, I have more questions and deeper thoughts about how music impacts people.

So, this blog will see more posts on #MusicTherapy and related thoughts – meantime here’s a portrait of Amy I spotted in Amsterdam this summer…

Back to Black, Street Portrait of Amy, Amsterdam

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