Live Music is a Power-up

On Saturday I went to a gig nearby. It was a relatively small show, with a few local bands, and an audience of about 50 people.

Before I headed out, I nearly didn’t go, it was a cold night & there’s always the option of staying warm at home.

But I’m so glad I went: I got a powerful blast of live music, which moved me & gave me a big smile on my face.  

The Sparrowhawk Orkestrel
The Sparrowhawk Orkestrel

I had a similar experience the weekend before: different bands, different venue, same feeling of re-enlivening from the power of the music.

This weekend I’m heading to see an orchestra at the biggest hall in the city, it’s certain to be a powerful performance.

And the Friday after, I’m singing at a tiny local pub, it will be the most personal show of the lot: pouring out my own songs to a listening audience.
It’s a rare thing, four weekends of live music after a month of not going out – but it’s got me thinking that live music really does recharge, it’s a power-up for other parts of my life.

And how delighted I am to learn about using music in everyday work to help people in their everyday life…


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