Online and on the button

I’ve just read this article about the internet and therapeutic boundaries, written by music therapist Ellie Ruddock. It’s packed full of question, thoughts and insights around this topic and is particularly relevant to someone like me as I blog, tweet, etc. I highly recommend reading it – go ahead now, I’ll wait for you back here :)

It’s always useful to bear in mind that social-media activities are still part of the real world, and I like the way Ellie relates boundaries from working in therapy to working online.

My blog here was anonymous to begin with as I explored how I wanted to write online – but as I realise it’s mainly sharing information (books, blog posts, etc) – I’m happy to lose the mystery… and it may help me write better too.

As a student there’s so much to learn across the range of subjects in music therapy, from the music side and the therapeutic side – and technology is an inescapable part of life these days, sure it is better to use it productively than try to ignore it?



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