Music to help carers

Here’s something I hadn’t thought about very much before – how can music help the people who care for someone close to them?

Staff at Nordoff-Robbins recently studied this in relation to dementia, read further in the links below.  Stating the phrase “music therapy contributes to the support of carers’ needs”63% of family members agreed, with lower figures for staff and managers (much higher for music therapists).  This compares to 100% who agreed “music therapy is part of treatment and support” for their family member with dementia.

Depending how you view 63%, you may think:

A – it’s great that the majority of people think music therapy helps support carers!

B – why is the figure not higher, and why is it different between carers and therapists?

Music offers potential to move beyond awkward silences, to breathe new life into regular routines, and to give people a different way to relate to each other.

Imagine bringing together people with their partners or children in a fun informal music group, where they are each involved in making the music, singing the songs, beating the rhythm – so everyone has their part to play…


Music therapy – Caring for Carers – Nordoff-Robbins

Between practice, policy and politics: Music therapy and the Dementia Strategy

The ‘ripple effect’: Towards researching improvisational music therapy in dementia care homes



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