The power of playing music

Music is one of the two reasons I came to music therapy. The other is a desire to help people.

Those two can combine to provoke emotions or movement, where people create music together. That’s a key aspect of music therapy: it can be interactive, not just a one-way performance.  When people get involved in making music, it goes to a new level – beyond listening to ‘nice music’.

In fact there’s a whole range of music listening – compare each line in this list (some examples in brackets):

  • Hearing music in the background (eg: radio/TV)
  • Listening to music someone chose for you (eg: playlist/CD)
  • Listening to music you chose (eg: custom playlist)
  • Listening to music created just for you (eg: live musician)
  • Playing along with music created for you (eg: music workshop)
  • Leading the music by something you do (eg: music therapy)

There may be others too – different levels of hearing and listening, passive and active – and each example is not limited to that line.  For example, a radio DJ may play your favourite song – or a live musician may get you involved in their performance, singing with them or providing some rhythm.  Each of these could produce a special moment: a tear in your eye or a big smile on your face.

Imagine developing that special moment to build music that’s personal to you and enables you to communicate beyond words…



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