What, no speech? How about music instead?

Imagine you can't talk, you have no words to say, you don't know if you could say them even if you were able. But you can hear, you can feel, you can make sense of a happy tune, you can tap a rhythm and hear it echoed back to you. In this way, you can… Continue reading What, no speech? How about music instead?


Music to help carers

Here's something I hadn't thought about very much before - how can music help the people who care for someone close to them? Staff at Nordoff-Robbins recently studied this in relation to dementia, read further in the links below.  Stating the phrase "music therapy contributes to the support of carers' needs", 63% of family members agreed, with lower… Continue reading Music to help carers

The power of playing music

Music is one of the two reasons I came to music therapy. The other is a desire to help people. Those two can combine to provoke emotions or movement, where people create music together. That's a key aspect of music therapy: it can be interactive, not just a one-way performance.  When people get involved in making music,… Continue reading The power of playing music

A couple of great online resources for music therapy

To kick things off, here's a couple of websites I find useful - both based in North America: Guitars and Granola Bars - Podcast, featuring interviews with music therapists, get an insider view of the job! MusicTherapyEd - Website, with online courses and videos, learn from people already doing it. plus, there's a growing list on our… Continue reading A couple of great online resources for music therapy